About Us

Who Are We?

Midstate Cabinetry is: Jack & Carol Bergantini and Jeremy & Sarah Bergantini

"Only the Best. From our Family to Yours."

How Did We Get Here?

Midstate Cabinetry was started in August of 2012 by my father Jack when he had to relocate for work. After spending a few years  in Tennessee, my parents wanted to come back home and be close to their children again. My brothers were having children of their own and the family was expanding. It was time to bring his company back to the East Coast...

"Shortly after returning to beautiful Lil’ Rhody, my father and I sat to talk about the future. Being an aspiring furniture maker and having reworked a few cabinets for him already, my father asked if I wanted to join the company and eventually become his successor... I emphatically accepted."

Now, here we are about a year later and Midstate Cabinetry is about to open its FIRST SHOWROOM!!My father and I could not be more proud of where we have brought the company and how we have done it. Together, with my mother and my wife, we have built this showroom with the same love and attention we would give your home.When you step into our Showroom, you won’t feel like a customer, you’ll feel like a friend. Our goal is not just to design and produce a kitchen you love, but to create an environment you and your family can grow together the same way ours has.

“They truly transformed our home. - Rick & Bev”

My parents have taught me that family is one of the most important things in this world. When you entertain YOUR family in one of OUR kitchens, you’ll feel the same way. The smiles on the faces of the children, mixed with the same story your Uncle Larry has told a thousand times before.We aim to give back those nostalgic feelings from when you were in the kitchen with your parents, stealing cookie dough before mom could put them in the oven. 

Thank you for letting us into your home. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey.